About Pinell


Our vision is to design, produce and offer audio products that bring new functionality, excellent quality and joy into many homes. 

We believe that audio and multimedia is becoming increasingly more important in our lives. The world is becoming "smaller" and the offers will increase significantly. To be able to decide what to see and hear, will be taken for granted.

Pinell is developed by the Norwegian company TT Micro as.Innovation, quality and high level of service is what our customers will experience with Pinell. Our products are sold today in the Nordic countries.

Through our partners in the UK and Asia, we have secured the best technology, and an efficient production process. This enables us to offer products of good quality at competitive prices. We are looking for distribution partners in Europe.


The people

We have listed here the people behind the brand Pinell, which was started by Tom Vedvik and his brother Tore in Norway.

If you wish to contact any of us please click the names below to send us an email regarding your concern.


Ole Morten Skymoen

Marketing Manager

Tom Vedvik

Purchasing Manager 

Tore Vedvik


Maj-Lisbeth Vedvik


Backoffice / Returns

Ikram El Mokadem

IT Dept./Support

Martin Kaardal


Siv Tangen


Carlin Andersen

Sales representative

Anne-Grete Hansen

Sales representative

Bjørn Sjøberg

Sales representative

Per Arne Andresen


Contact information

TT Micro

Olaf Helsets vei 6
0694 Oslo
Telephone: +47 22 74 88 40 
Fax: +47 22 74 88 41