If you are having problems connecting your radio to a wireless network, hopefully this will help you


  1. Make sure that you check that your pc can connect to the same network and that it has internet access.
  2. Make sure that you have a  DHCP-server, or that you have configured a static IP-adress on the radio. You can manually configure a static ip adress on the radio. “System settings -> Network -> Manual settings-> Wireless”, then you choose “DHCP disable”. 
  3. Make sure you dont have a MAC adress blocking service. You can check the radio's MAC-adress  “System settings -> Network - > View settings-> MAC address”.
  4. If you have a encrypted network, please make sure you typed in the correct key or password on the radio. Remember that key's in textformat seperate between capitalization. If the radio displays  "Wireless error" followed by numbers, please check your encryption key if the problem still persists, please check your network setup.
  5. If your radio connects to the network but wont play some specific channels, this list might give you some help: 
  • The station might not be sending at this time (other timezone) 
  • The station has reached the max amount of listeners and is full
  • The station has stopped broadcasting 
  • The connection between the radio and the interett connection might be outdated(usually listed in a foreign country). Try playing the station on a PC from the broadcasters website.
  • If you can play the station from your PC , you can simply add the station via http://www.wifiRadio-frontier.com , then you can contact us so we can change the station adresses used by the radio.